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Mazzeschi successfully assisted a Chilean national in obtaining a blue card work permit. The work permit was issued by the Immigration Office in Milan 
Students who have achieved one of the following qualifications in Italy can apply for a conversion of their study permit into a permit for work reasons without having to wait for the quota decree:
  • Bachelor's degree - 3 years, 180 credits (Laurea triennale)
  • Master degree (Laurea magistrale )
  • Postgraduate, minimum 2 years (Diploma di specializzazione)
  • Phd, minimum 3 years (Dottorato di ricerca)
  • Postgraduate training - first level- minimum 1 year, 60 credits (Master di primo livello)
  • Postgraduate training of second level - minimim 60 credits (Master di secondo livello)
  • Specialization course (Attestato o diploma di perfezionamento)
Mazzeschi successfully assisted a South Korean national in obtaining a blue card work permit. The work permit was issued by the Immigration Office in Lecco - Northen Italy.

In contrast with the very first Italian program of integration of Croatia in the EU Italy has, in the end, announced that Croatian nationals will be subject to some restrictions accessing the Italian Labor Market.


In particular, restrictions will be lifted for the following categories of Croatian workers:


  1. domestic workers;
  2. seasonalemployed in agriculture and tourism for one or more work contract with a maximum duration of 9 months;
  3. Professional nurses, managers, athletes, circus workers, marine workers, artists, dancers,and all other categories of workers listed in Art. 27 clause 1 of Italian Immigration Law, excluding university professors, interpreters and translators;
  4. Researchers;
  5. Highly skilled workers;


Starting from July 1st, the categories of workers listed above can be hired as all other EU citizens. For all other workers it is still necessary to apply for a work permit.


Mazzeschi is pleased to announce that the Global Mobility book of ILW.COM, leading publisher of immigration law, is now available on Kindle. You can see it here:
The Government has approved a draft law to simplify the procedures of citizenship acknowledgement for children who reach the age of 18 and who are born in Italy from foreign parents. The law is aimed to prevent administrative dysfunctions or delays and speed up the process for citizenship adjudication. The draft law must however be confirmed by Parliament.

Within June 7th foreign students planning to enter a limited-access course at Italian University are required to register online for entrance exam. Students seeking admission to medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or architecture (limited-access programs) must not only pre-register within June 21st but ALSO register online by 3pm on June 7th 2013 for the entrance exam which is held at the end of July. The process of registration can be carried out at


Our firm obtained the first Blue Card Permit in Milan 3 months after the application was filed
Mazzeschi successfully assisted a same-sex US partner of an Italian national in obtaining one of the first long term Permits of Stay issued by the Italian authorities to same-sex couples. The firm has filed the application pursuant to the Legislative Decree 30/2007 and, to avoid any challenge with the authorities and expedite the processing time, has grounded it on the Directive of the Ministry of Interior of October 26th validating same-sex marriages  and on the recent order of the Reggio Emilia’s Court. The Permit of Stay, valid for five years, has in fact been issued in less than one month.
It is expected that 30.000 quotas for seasonal workers will be released in 2013. Updates on this shall be provided as soon as feasible.
Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent an internal communication to all Italian Consulates abroad urging them to accelerate and consider as a priority the declarations of value and legalization of documents requests received from EU Blue card applicants.

In some cases, city councils had set among standard residency registration requirement the housing suitability certificate as a mandatory document for residency registration. The Ministry of Interior, by means of an official communication dated January 14, 2013, has now taken its final stand on the matter stating that: "... the lack of housing suitability requirements does not prevent, in principle, the establishment of official residence in a place which it is considered unsuitable”

According to a recent agreement between the Government and the Regional Bodies, all the foreign minors are required to register with the National Healthcare System (SSN – Sistema Sanitario Nazionale), even if they are not in possession of a valid permit of stay. The agreement also allows non-EU pregnant women holding a permit of stay to extend the validity of their permit until the child is one year old (in the past, the extension was for six months only).

On December 10th, 2012, the Ministry of Interior provided clarifications on Blue card eligibility requirements.
In addition to the apostilled and translated educational degree (at least 3 years degree course), the authorities will also require the individual’s professional position to be validated by the Italian Ministry of Education. Our firm can assist throughout the validation procedure

Mazzeschi is proud to announce that it has been accepted as the official partner of Invitalia Business Network. Invitalia is the Government agency for the promotion of inward investments.

The Italian Government, with the Presidential Decree of October 16, 2012 entering into force on November 22, has announced the availability of 14,000 quotas for subordinate and autonomous work. Online applications for these quotas can be filed with the Ministry of Interior starting from December 7, 2012.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs has officially confirmed with a Directive letter issued on October 26, 2012 that same sex partners of Italian or EU citizens are entitled to obtain a family permit of stay in Italy, provided that their marriage is duly registered and recognized by the foreign country where the marriage was celebrated.
The Immigration Police in Rome have issued a permit of stay for a same sex Israeli spouse of an Italian national. The couple was married in Norway. This follows a recent decision by Police in Milan which, last September, allowed the issuance of the Permit of Stay to a same sex partner who had previously married an Italian national in Canada. In particular, this is the sixth time that same sex partners have successfully obtained a permit of stay in Italy – (three times before in 2012 in Reggio Emilia, Rimini, Milan, Rome). As per previous cases, the Police stated that the issuance of the permit was based in accordance with the EU Charter of the Fundamental Rights and the Legislative Decree n. 30/2007 dealing with EU regulations.
Some Immigration Offices (i.e. Milan, Rome etc.) now require the foreign worker to have a minimum six months seniority with the sending company, despite the law only requiring the worker to have 6 months experience in the same working field. The duration of seniority with the foreign employer must be certified in the support letters which are provided to the Immigration Office for the Work Permit's approval.
The National Social Security Institute (INPS) has made, with a circular letter dated 28/09/2012 n. 118, a radical change to the regularization procedure that must be followed by the employers of foreign nationals who are illegally working in Italy. Employers are now requested to prove to be compliant and to have duly paid the social security contributions relative to the individuals for whom the regularization is applied for. Originally, the employers were required to prove compliancy with social security contributions for all other workers employed.

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