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15.000 new quotas have been issued to allow non-EU nationals to come to Italy for apprenticeship and internship programs. This amount is divided as follows:


• 7.500 quotas for those foreigners coming for apprenticeship programs organized by authorized institutions. Upon completion of the program, the foreigner will receive from the organizing entity a certificate showing the acquired skills;

• 7.500 quotas for those foreigners coming for internships aimed to complete a course of study in the home country.

Mazzeschi successfully obtained one of the first “Certificate of no Impediment” for the Italy Start-up Visa (ISV).
The ISV is the recent Italian Government’s policy for attracting innovative foreign entrepreneurs. Further information on this program can be found here
Marco Mazzeschi has published a new article about the citizenship by investment and the need for a “genuine link” that must be established in order for the individual to obtain diplomatic protecting from the conferring State. A summary of the article can be found under the "Publications" section of this website. The full article, published by LexisNexis, is available at the following link
September 10 - The Ministry of Labor, answering to our query, confirmed that the procedure set forth for intra-company work permits (art.27 a Immigration Law) can be followed not only when the sending and host companies are part of the same Group but also when the companies have executed a joint-venture agreement and do not have any corporate affiliation.

The Italian Government has released new guidelines for the activation of internship programs for foreign nationals.
The guidelines provide Immigration Offices and the Italian Regions with instructions clarifying the criteria to be met by non-EU nationals coming to Italy for internships.

This shall not have a major impact on the immigration in Italy but should simplify the evaluation of applications for internship visas, which have always represented a grey area within the Italian immigration system. 

Marco Mazzeschi will speak  at the 3rd Annual Citizenship Conference in Rome, September 23, 2014 in the panel “Secession Movements in Europe: Scotland, Catalonia and Padania”
The Milan Immigration Office will shortly move to a different address: Via Servio Tullio, 20123 Milan. New contact details and telephone numbers are still to be confirmed.
It is possible that, during the moving period, the office stays closed for some days or slows down the business activities. Further information will be circulated as soon as available.
Government extends until Dec. 31, 2014 (previous deadline was Aug. 20, 2014) the deadline for filing quota applications for workers trained abroad and for conversion of CE permits issued by other EU countries into subordinate or autonomous work permits.
Council State (the Court where the decision first instance Administrative Courts are appealed), with the sentence  n. 3166 of June 23 2014, declared that the individual who enters Italy with a subordinate work visa (to be hired by an Italian employer) and is not able to execute the contract of stay, due to the fact the employer is no longer in business, cannot be refused the permit of stay but must be given a 1 year permit “per attesa occupazione” (a type of permit that allows the individual time for search for a new job).
In an effort to attract innovative foreign entrepreneurs, the Italian Government has established a new visa program - START UP VISA. The following website has been designed to provide all relevant information and guidance for the start-up visa application process
Italian government has confirmed a new consular fee of EUR 300.00 for citizenship applications filed at the Italian Consulate abroad by descendents of Italian citizens

On June 4th, Mazzeschi Srl has been awarded with the prize “Family Friendly” by the Chamber of Commerce of Siena, in recognition of its family-friendly workplace and flexibility for employee’s family needs, to achieve a better balance between work and family commitments.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has established a new type of visa as set forth in Section 44 of the Plan “Destinazione Italia” and Law no. 221/2012 - in order to attract and retain foreign entrepreneurs willing to establish a start-up company in Italy.
The visa issuance procedure should follow a fast and streamlined procedure. The evaluation of the start-up companies is to be carried out by a technical committee established by the Ministry of Industry and Economic Development. To obtain the entry visa for startups, foreign entrepreneurs should prove to own no less than €50,000 of financial resources. This funding can be raised through venture capital, crowdsourcing, investors, or Italian/foreign government and non-government organizations. Special facilitations are provided for the foreign citizens who have secured the support of a certified incubator.
Requirements and conditions to apply for this type of visa are listed in the documents published in the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website (Startup visa guidelines and Italia Startup Procedures)
Further information will be published as soon as the process is further implemented







Starting May 20, individuals of all nationalities applying for residency registration must submit documents proving that they have legal right to live at the residency address indicated in the application. Depending on the situation, applicants may be asked to submit copy of registered tenancy agreement, self-declaration signed by the house owner and/or declaration of hospitality.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued the guidelines for the issuance of work permits to delegates, participants and workers who will attend EXPO 2015 in Milan. Official delegates (and their dependents) are entitled to have a mission visa, non-accredited individuals (delegates of companies attending the Expo, workers to be used at the site, etc.) can be granted a work visa following an electronic fast track procedure which has been established by the Ministry. Guidelines are also provided for the issuance of tourist visas to visitors. A copy of the Ministry’s guidelines can be downloaded from our website (Expo 2015 page).
With the sentence n. 7472 of March 21st, 2014, the Rome Court confirmed that the right to apply for the Italian citizenship is extended to illegitimate children (children born by unmarried parents), provided that some requirements are met.
In particular, children younger than 18 years old born by Italian unmarried parents are automatically granted Italian citizenship, while children older than 18 must apply for the citizenship within one year from the spontaneous legitimation or the recognition by the Court. 
Starting 28 April, a visa is no longer required (for stays up to 90 days) for Moldovan citizens who hold a biometric passport.
An Italian lower Court ordered the City Hall to register in the Civil Records (Stato Civile) the marriage of  an Italian same-sex couple married in New York in 2012.
Non-EU nationals married with a same-sex EU partner were recently granted the right to obtain a family residence permit but their marriage could not be officially recorded at the City Hall.
The Public Prosecutor has announced that the decision shall be challenged in front of the Court of Appeal and, therefore, it can still be reversed.  This is however a further step toward the full recognition of same-sex marriages in Italy.

Online applications can be submitted starting from April 4th, 2014 until December 31st.

15.0000 new quotas are available for seasonal workers of the following nationalities: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Egypt, Republic of the Philippines, Gambia, Ghana, Japan, India, Kosovo, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Morocco, Mauritius, Moldova, Montenegro, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Serbia, Sri-Lanka , Ukraine and Tunisia. 3.000 of these quotas are designed for those having entered Italy for seasonal work in the past two years.  

2.000 new quotas have also been allocated to individuals assigned to work at the Milan Expo 2015.

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