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Investor visa for Italy Program

The Investor visa for Italy program is an option for investors who want to gain residence in Italy. The following types of investment/donation qualify for the Investor visa for Italy program:


  • €2.000.000 in Italian government bonds (at least 2 years validity); or

  • €1.000.000 in a company based and operating in Italy or

  • €500.000 in case of an innovative start-up company; or

  • €1.000.000 donation supporting projects of public interest in the field of culture, education, immigration, scientific research, recovery of cultural assets and landscapes. 


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Registration of a new company in Italy

If you are interested in setting up a new company, branch or representative office, our firm can assist you with all immigration formalities for your staff and also with all legal and tax formalities.

In order to attract new investments, the City Council of Colle Val d’Elsa - located in the province of Siena ( - is offering free office space to any new companies that set up an office in the city. If you are interested in this project, you can write to Marco Mazzeschi We will put you directly in touch with the officer of the City Council who is dealing with the project.


Italia Startup Visa

Since June 2014 a streamlined, fast-track procedure for self-employment visa application is in place for foreign entrepreneurs willing to establish innovative business companies in Italy

In an effort to attract and retain innovative foreign national entrepreneurs in order to create new jobs and drive economic growth, the Italian government has established a new type of self-employment visa - as set forth in Section 44 of the Plan "Destinazione Italia" and Law no. 221/2012.

The Start up visa program is designed to simplify and accelerate the procedures involved in the visa application process.

The process is almost entirely managed through a dedicated website ( and follows a streamline online procedure; processing time for background checks are reduced to a minimum.

While Start up companies must have specific features, no particular restrictions apply to the foreign applicant, to the business sector, nor to the region of Italy where the company is established.

Financial eligibility requirements for the foreigner are to demonstrate possession of at least €50.000 to be used for the sole purpose of establishing and running the company.

The main requirements for the company are those being primarily focused on innovation and technology. Other eligibility requirements are related to the company business structure, such as being incorporated as a limited company or cooperative under Italian law, or a European Company under EU law, having headquarters in Italy, a new company or have been operating for no longer than 4 years etc. (for further info


Application process

Applications can be filed either directly or through a certified incubator. Main steps of the process are:

  • Stage 1 – file application for certificate of no impediment through dedicated website Application must include a detailed business plan and applicant's educational and job experience facts (in case the application is filed through a certified incubator the applicant must first obtain a commitment from the incubator to host the start up). Proof of funds (at least € 50.000) is required as well.
    The application is evaluated by the Italia Startup Visa Technical Committee. In case of a positive outcome, a Certificate of No Impediment will be issued.
  • Stage 2 – visa application at the Italian consulate abroad having jurisdiction over the applicant's place of residency. If all requirements are met the consulate issues a "self‐employment start up visa" with a 1 year duration.
  • Stage 3 – the applicant travels to Italy and within 8 days from arrival files the application for the residence permit (note that the visa itself does not make you compliant to live and work in Italy; residence permit must be obtained as part of the process). The procedure includes an appointment for fingerprints and identification at the relevant police office. At the end of all steps, a residence permit card for self employment reasons is issued.

Note: upon residence permit renewal – after 1 year – the applicant must prove to be in possession of the necessary eligibility requirements (mainly certificate of incorporation of the innovative startup established; adequate annual income etc.)

For detailed information and complete process


Italia Startup Hub

Italy Startup Work Permit fast-track procedure is now available also to foreigners already residing in Italy who can apply for a "start up permit" without having to leave Italy and obtain a new visa.

The program is named Italia Startup Hub and is available to holders of any residence permits.

The procedure differs according to the residence permit type:

  • Holders of a residence permit for study, internship and/or training and EC long-term residence permit issued by another EU member state must apply for the current permit conversion following the procedure handled by the Immigration Office (Sportello Unico Per L'immigrazione)
  • For holders of permits for work and family reasons, the procedure is handled directly by the Police Immigration department (Questura)

The program is also aimed to foreigners who wish to became a shareholder of a pre-existing innovative startup in Italy.

In both cases, the application of the residence permit must be filed further to the approval of a certificate of no impediment issued by the Italia Startup Visa & Hub Committee.

At the end of the process, applicants will be issued with a self-employment residence permit aimed at setting up an innovative start up.

It is to be noted that there's a limited number of start up permits issued each year, based on the immigration quota decree provisions.

A dedicated website will be available shortly (


To request assistance with the process and for information about our services and fees please contact


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